The Perfect Openings

Everyone knows the first page must set the tone of the novel, establish general character traits, ground the reader, and introduce oodles of tension. But do we have to scratch out something new every manuscript. It seems horribly inefficient. 

The Muses listened and created a set of perfect openings where all you have to do is plug your specific story details into the designated slots. A set of five different first pages costs only $174.99 and we guarantee* you’ll never need to stress about the first pages again!
*No actual guarantee

To whet your appetite, here’s a short snippet of what you’ll receive.

I wake with a jolt. My heart thumps in my chest. Already, the nightmare of <ANTAGONIST / TRAGIC MEMORY / DARK PREMONTION / GREATEST FEAR> fades. By the time my breathing calms, it’s completely gone. I untangle myself from the sweat-soaked sheets and stumble to my bedroom mirror.
It was just a dream, I tell the  <GENERAL APPEARANCE DETAIL> reflection. But something in my bleary <EYE COLOR> eyes tells me otherwise: this time, it was more. I swallow and the spit sticks in my throat. I shake the thought away, throwing my <HAIR COLOR> hair into a frenzy.
Eventually, my thirst overwhelms me so I throw on a <CHARACTER TELLING DETAIL> t-shirt and open my bedroom door.
<CHARACTER’S FULL, GENDER SPECIFIC NAME> !” Mom hollers. “You’re <AGE> years-old. Can’t you get up on time for once in your life?”
I cringe. She only uses my full name when I’m really late.
What way to start the day.

Call now!
Supply is limited!


Choked on my cereal reading this! Classic.

Thanks, Lia. Glad you survived!

Aww, man!!
Now I have to re-write my first page!
Did you hack into my computer?

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