Extreme Baby-ing

As a new dad, I've been getting questions regarding the change in lifestyle. Here's one of my thoughts:

I gravitate toward activities which require a lot of gear and prep...skiing, backpacking, scuba diving...all almost take more time getting ready than the action itself. But so does having a baby! Going to the grocery store or lunch means you have to have the diaper bag packed with the enough changes of clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, and blankets. Then there's the matter of the baby carrier vs. the stroller. And which stroller. When is the baby likely to be hungry again? Did I bring the camera? 

Oh, it's a logistical field day. 

As a  planner, this lifestyle is just plain fun. So while I might not log the number of dives as I'm used to, I'm starting to count trips to the mall or the park. 

It's a sport I'm dubbing: Extreme Baby-ing.

Ok, I better get going: We're due for a dinner in T minus 2 hours.


Yes, with the little ones, every day is an extreme adventure!

The biggest challenge for me in having (now three) kids is establishing a routine amid the chaos. Someone's also up earlier than usual or going to bed later than usual or getting sick, and finding a slice of time each day devoted to writing is a major challenge.

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