One of the BEST things about being a YAMuse is when we get the opportunity to celebrate one of our books launching into the world.  The story has been real to us for awhile, but now we get to share it with everyone!  We are especially blessed with (not just one) TWO launches in the next few weeks!

This week, join us as we cheer on... 

Talia Vance's 


I first heard the opening chapter for SPIES at the conference where Talia and I met and was instantly captivated.  You know how you just know this is going to be a book you love from the very beginning?  And you sort of feel like this...

Cassidy, my blind 12-year old lab, going for ice cream

That's exactly how I felt when Talia's main character, Berry, jumped off the first page.  She reminded me of those sassy, funny, sexy heroines I adore - like Stephanie Plumb or Veronica Mars.  Yes, it has Talia's signature hot love interests, but it's really Berry that captured my heart. Romantic Times Magazine says, "Berry is an authentic narrator, with a lovely voice" and I agree.  I also appreciate that it's a contemporary mystery.  The perfect beach read...or hotel read...or backyard read...or bed read...or

You get the idea :)

So, congratulations to Talia and Berry.  

Welcome to the world!  

We love you both.


Thank you Donna!

I know just how Cassidy feels <3 <3 <3

Berry is 100% awesomeness! I can't wait to have my very own copy. Congratulations, Talia!

Congratulations! I won a copy from Library Things Early Reviewers so I'll read it soon and review it!!! So happy for you!!!


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