It's not often we get to celebrate two Muses books at once, so it was with great excitement that we joined family and friends for the launch of both TARNISH and SPIES AND PREJUDICE on Saturday at the Avid Reader in Davis.

Friends and fellow writers Beth Hull and Kristen Held were there, along with authors Cory Jackson and Brenda Pandos and bloggers Jaime Arnold (Two Chicks on Books) and Becky (Stories and Sweeties). [Note: thanks to Jaime and Kristen for the photos!] There were a number of fellow writers from our local SCBWI chapter present, including LouAnn, Nikki, Sarah and Kim. It is so wonderful to live in such a supportive community of writers and bloggers!

Katherine and I each introduced our books and then talked briefly about how we came up with the idea for the story and a little about the writing process.

Then we did reading roulette, where people called out a page number and we read from that page. We ended with each of reading from our favorite page.  Katy made everyone swoon with her reading of a scene between Anne and Thomas Wyatt (or maybe it was just me).  I read the scene where Jason sings his line from the musical Hamlet.

We gave prizes to the people who gave us a page number that was closest to it.  Then we answered some questions and ate cake.

It was such a joy to celebrate the launch of our books together.  Wish you all could have been there!


It was an excellent launch! So great to be there with you to celebrate!

So glad you were there, Beth!

Thank you, everyone, for coming and thank you, Talia, for such a great recap!

It was such fun to celebrate two of my favorite authors!

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