Hitting Send by Donna

As some of you know, I've cut back recently from blogging here at YAMuses to work on my latest revision for Book2.  That deadline, combined with the end of the spring semester at the university where I work, used up all the available energy I could muster - creative or physical.

Last week I hit send and THIS week it is our theme here at YAMuses.  How appropriate.

Every writer at every level experiences the angst of sharing their work -- whether it is to a family member, critique partner, potential agent, or editor.  So I thought I'd share a "stream of consciousness" kind of post related to my most recent hitting SEND.  It kind of goes like this...

So if I change this, this, and this--I'm ready to send.

Wait...it could be better.

If I change this, this, this, and THIS--

Wait...it could be better.

That's a really good idea for chapter seven, but that will change chapter 11, 14. 17 and 21.

Ok.  It's better.  But...

The last names don't match for that character from page 17 to page 123.  Why does he suddenly have blue eyes?  Didn't he have brown eyes before?


So...If I change this, this, and this--I'm ready to hit SEND.


Look at editorial notes.

"What is she feeling on page 134?"

"What did she mean when she said that?"
Now she doesn't say that!




Wait...it could be better.

If I change this, this, this, and THIS--


I'm so going through that right now with a couple of manuscripts. One I thought was ready and hit send a little too early on and another that I'm doing the Merry-Go-Round with.

So yeah...OMG I'm just really dizzy right now lol!

Yes, exactly! You captured it.

Also, congrats on hitting SEND!

Thanks, Angela and Beth. I think it helps to hear others struggle the same way with the SEND button.

Love this, Donna. I imagine I'll be the same! Looking forward to that "sending" milestone.

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