Proud to be Quirky - by Donna

This week we're talking about what we're most proud about in our writing and I'm...


Proud to be Quirky

I'm a Texan, born and raised.  Texas is where the Deep South meets the Wild West, and you don't have to look far to find the unusual and memorable.  When I go home (and yes, I still call it home), I feel myself physically relax into the drawling accents and the abundance of characters. It's not perfect, and there are deep contrasts and complexities.  When the bad is bad, it's REALLY bad (think JR Ewing), yet through it all there is a deep appreciation for faith, family and food. I hope my writing captures some sense of the passionate mix, but mostly I hope it captures the unique sense of humor I've observed Texan's exhibit through even the most difficult of times.

And when I feel like I've captured that sense of place with some tiny detail, it makes me smile.

And it makes me proud.

Texas is where I replenish the quirky.  In my writing and in my life.

Here's an example.

When I saw this sign outside a Huntsville, Texas restaurant I knew it would make it into a story of mine some day.  It was just too quirky to pass up.

And here's what it looked like when this one tiny, weird detail showed up in SKINNY...

We pass Tinsley’s Fried Chicken with the big sign outside that reads, Try Our Big, Juicy Breasts.

“They really should change that sign,” I say.

“Why?” Rat asks. He slows at the corner, his indigo hand spinning the wheel into the right turn, and changes the subject.


I love how this made it I to skinny!

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