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Veronica Rossi 2 Thursday, July 11, 2013

I’m enjoying this week so much on the blog. Our topic is “What we’re most proud of” in our own writing, and I’m so impressed with how accurately Donna, Katy and Talia have been able to identify what are truly incredible strengths of theirs as writers.

Donna does have an amazing ability to create utterly charming, quirky characters. You can’t help falling in love with them. Katy does have the ability to bring the most gorgeous details into her writing, making her books as beautifully wrought as they are visual. Reading her novels is an experience because of her bright details. And Talia writes sexual tension just about as well as any writer I’ve ever read. Her pages actually crackle with the chemistry between her characters. I haven't read Bret's post yet, but I hope he identifies his excellent pacing as his point of pride. His stories move at a heart-pounding gallop and if that quality isn't what he's most proud of, it should high on his list.

So today is my turn. My day to talk about what I’m most proud of in my writing.

Why does this make me want to shove my neck in the sand and hide? Why do I want to whistle and saunter away while no one is looking?

I actually asked myself this morning, “What makes you proud about your writing, Veronica?”

The answer I got was, “That I can do it.”

That’s it. That’s was all. So I dug deeper.

“Be specific,” I said to myself. “Is it character? Is it world? Plot? Setting?”

And myself said, “Yes, I hope so.”

At this point, I was starting to wonder if I was being coy with… me. But further consideration revealed the truth: I don’t have any idea what I’m most proud of about my writing, but I do know what I’m proud of as a writer.

I am proud of myself for having written a trilogy.

Let’s back that up. I am proud of myself for having written one book.

Heck. Let’s be honest. I am proud of myself for having finished a manuscript.

I am proud of the network of writers and bloggers and fans who I’ve somehow amassed. Proud to call them friends and colleagues and mentors. Proud—and fortunate.

I am proud of the fact that my kids brag about their mother because she writes books.

I am proud of how much I know about publishing, and books, and stories, because I love all of those things.

I am proud that I also know how much I have yet to learn.

I guess I've gone a little off road here, but writing is hard and wonderful and I’m so lucky I get to do it. So that’s my answer. I'm just damn proud to be a writer.

What about you? What makes you proud about your writing?


Great blog! Makes me proud too!

I love this post. I totally get what you mean. :)

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