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So, a funny thing happened a few months ago. This sharp-tongued guy reviewed UTNS and TTEN. People read it and went bananas over his quick-wit. Everyone was all have you seen this post? In RealMenReadYA? And I was all, yeah. We're friends on twitter now. 

How could I resist? The guy was funny.

As these things sometimes go, our twitter friendship blossomed into an email friendship. Aaron and I bonded over the discovery that we're both avid lovers of Chipotle burritos, writing books, and being parents (not listed in order of importance.) When we original Muses decided to widen the circle, he came immediately to mind as someone who would boost the humor and testosterone--I mean!--provide another male perspective on writing for YA. (Sorry, Bret. You gotta share the "Male Muse" label now.) 

I'm absolutely thrilled that Aaron has joined us, and I hope you'll all help me welcome him aboard.

Hi!  I’m Aaron Bergh, or so they say.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the YA Muses and I promise to behave while representing this amazing group. Maybe.

I was born and raised in Northwest Wisconsin, made a few stops around the country, and have now returned to my home city. I’ve lived in Florida, Alabama (three cities), North Carolina (two cities), Iowa, Texas (three cities), Kansas, and Wisconsin.

Go ahead…make your circus jokes.

I’ve spent a total of four years living and working with at-risk teenage girls. As in, eight teenage girls living in the same house as me. As in, drama central. Those girls forced me to face reality. The things they suffered as children and the hurt they carried around were overwhelming to me at times. But, some of them taught me that the past is the past, and plowing forward is the only option. 

One of the reasons I fell in love with Young Adult literature is because it takes me back to my days of working with teenagers. I know how teenagers sound, what they say, and how they think. I’m no expert, but after living with nearly 40 different teenagers, one tends to notice stuff. I’ve been known to say, “that’s not what a teenager would do,” out loud to a book. And then I wait for a response, but the book never says anything. Then I feel like an idiot for talking to paper.

I started reading YA a few years ago, and I started writing YA shortly after that. Before that, I read about five books (not counting the mandatory reading in school). So yeah, I didn’t read much for most of my life, but once I started, I made up for lost time quickly.

It all started with some Batman graphic novels, then I read The Hunger Games, and then I dove into the world of YA. Some of my favorite YA reads from those first days are: Blood Red Road, Anna and the French Kiss, Delirium, Divergent, the entire Harry Potter series, and of course, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

I reviewed Under the Never Sky on my blog and was fortunate enough to meet Veronica through Twitter. As time passed, we continued communicating on Twitter. I found her to be quick witted with her humor (which is my only basis for friendship with anyone) and a perfect example of what I think an author should be. She is great with her readers, she is a hard worker, and she is a constant stream of encouragement to everyone around her!

I read Veronica’s second book called Through the Ever Night, and reviewed it on my blog. In that blog post, I refer to Veronica as a “Brazilian Goddess.” Shortly after, I was contacted by Veronica again. I was pretty sure I was getting set up to get my tail kicked by her husband (and am still sort of watching my back), but I’ve successfully avoided this fate and have instead accepted Veronica’s invitation to join this blog! What a turn of events!

I’m currently seeking representation for my YA fantasy novel THE PROTECTORS.

This is a great group of writers and I’m happy to be here.

Now where’s my burrito?


You won your burrito a while back, Aaron! I LOVED that Brazilian Goddess review and shared it far and wide. So delighted to realize that the author of it is now an amusing Muse! Welcome! I look forward to your future posts!

Inconsistency is the same thing as variety, and we embrace that here, Aaron! So glad to have you--both as a member of the blog and as a member of the YA writing community!

This calls for a Chipotle burrito lunch today to celebrate your introductory post. Nice to meet you, Aaron!

I'm not sure if it's nicotine or crack that Chipotle adds, but it's great to have another addict AND male muse on board.

While you guys are having your Chipotle burritos and eating them too, I shall have ice cream to celebrate Aaron joining the Muses. Welcome!

AARON! So nice to see you on YA Muses!
*hands you a burrito*

LOVE AARON! And somebody please scoop up his books so I can read them! KTHANKS.

Woohooo!!! Congrats, m'dear! Looking forward to your posts!!

Welcome to the blog Aaron! I am really looking forward to hearing from a guy who has such insight into teen girls- I think you may have unlocked one of the secrets of the universe. Two, if you count Chipotle as a secret of the universe. I guess it's not so much a secret as a gift, but still.

Woo hoo, Aaron! You're official! How do you feel? Different? LOL. GREAT to have you here. Chipotle burritos for everyone!

Hey, Friend! So happy to be here with you!

YAY! Congrats! I love it! So happy you're on there A-Town!

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