Welcome to our first edition of Muse News Roundup, a new fortnightly Saturday feature in which we'll fill you in on what the Muses get up to between Musings.

We're certainly kicking off in a big way...

Katherine Longshore's MANOR OF SECRETS (Jan 2014) proofs arrived on her doorstep this week, and she's already twisting new Muse Kristen Held's arm to help her recreate the dress from the cover. They've found the perfect pattern, so watch this space for more updates. Isn't it gorgeous?
Katherine will be speaking in Walnut Creek today from 2 pm - 4 pm at the SCBWI Contra Costa & Alameda County Meeting, about "the after life of a debut author - happily ever after?"

Join her to hear the nitty gritty of what happens after the phone call, the marketing, and the next book. How long does it take to get contracts, how many revisions can you expect to do, how do you handle publicity in person, and online reviews, and what you should never look at!   learn more...

In other HUGE news, we all whooped and cheered for the launch of Veronica Rossi's new story studio, Wildcard Storymakers, which reinvents book packaging with more equitable terms for writers. She is partnered by her husband, Michael, who is experienced with start-up businesses, and editor and story guru Lorin Oberweger.

There's already been some great press coverage of the launch in Publishers Weekly and Digital Journal, and the site is currently being inundated with writing samples from hopeful writers.

They're off to a great start, too. Wildcard's debut project—a new adult novel entitled BOOMERANG—was just acquired by Tessa Woodward, editor at Harper/William Morrow, as part of a three-book, six-figure deal for World English rights, negotiated by Adams Literary. Stephen Moore of the Paul Kohner Agency is co-agenting film and television rights. 

The fun website embedded below, designed by Forefathers Group, invites writers to "Get in the Game". How could you resist?


Go, Muses! And thank you, Lia, for the first ever Muse roundup!

Love seeing all the great news. Makes us all proud.

Have a great time in Walnut Creek, Katherine! Bring us back some photos!

such an exciting week! love hearing all the news! <3

Thanks, Lia, for the round-up! Kristen & Katy, I can't wait to see that dress! And Veronica, you must be having a blast with all those submissions! I bet there's some great stuff in there!

PS, Veronica, there's a brewery in Redding with the same name. We should get you some pint glasses to toast your story studio!

Woo hoo! Exciting stuff! I'm off to Katherine's event in a bit and will take some pics!

Perfect! Thanks, Kristen!

There is so much momentum and good energy flowing from this group! Thank you, Lia for bringing it all together so beautifully. And big congrats to Katherine and Veronica!

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