Reading HOA fees

This weekend most of the Muses are down in LA supporting Veronica in her first appearance on faculty there! Join me in congratulating Veronica. This is a big deal!

My post is a hodge-podge of ideas, so big apologies for that.

The most important thing I've got to say on this week's subject: writers must read, but not only that...we must watch movies, listen to people talk, go to plays, binge watch good TV (note: good, scripted TV)...all of it. For the more story we inhale, the greater stories we breathe to life. In fact, we should RE-read books or see a favorite movie for a second-third-and fourth time. Allow our writer's mind to pick up the more nuanced flavors of a work.

Another thing that I've found useful in reading as a writer: my kindle's text-to-speech function. It is a great way to digest other author's novels. Often, I'm engrossed in a story so much that I find myself flying through it and thus, missing/skipping things. The kindle forces me to listen at a more leisurely pace and allows me to catch tidbits I'd likely miss if left to my eyes. Of course, an audio book does the same thing, but with the reader adding their slant and pace to the words whereas kindle's voice is cold and her speed is robotic.

And my final thought: reading is important not only to support your own creative muscle, but to help the industry in which we exist. This is a community and so reading (and buying) books should be considered the HOA fee to keep our streets clean and lawns pretty.


Sometimes audio book narrators are distractingly character-driven, which can be worse than robotic monotone. But I'll gladly pay the HOA fees!

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