YA Muses Anniversary Week - Our Favorite Posts of the Year

This week the Muses celebrate our anniversary and select our favorite posts to share again.  

Here's mine.

Keeping Your Sanity? by Donna

Me:  "The blog this week is supposed to be about keeping your sanity."
Him:  "Ha ha ha ha ha."
Me:  "What's so funny?"
Him:  "You.  Sane."
Me:  "I think I'm handling it all pretty well."
Him:  *spits coffee out through nose coughing*
Me:  "There's a lot of pressure writing on deadline."
Him:  "Are you going to tell them  how you picked off every scrap of nail polish the day after you paid $40 for a manicure?"
Me:  "No."
Him:  "How about how the dogs are all sleep deprived because you get up at all hours of the night to write?"
Me:  "They eventually went back to bed without me."
Him:  "The half empty Diet Coke cans all around the house?  The chocolate?"
Me:  "Chocolate is very important."
Him:  "You ate a LOT of chocolate."
Me: *not going to deny this*
Him:  "What about how you cried over the dead prairie dog?"
Me:  "It was sad.  He was a brave scout just trying to find the new country for his family in that field across the road.  And then he got ran over."  *blinks away tears*
Him:  "You went ten minutes out of your way to work because you thought the prairie dogs would start digging under the road now and cause a giant sink hole."
Me:  "That really happened.  I saw it on the internet.  The woman crashed her car into the sink hole when the road collapsed."
Him:  "Then there was that night two days before your deadline when you had that total meltdown.  You said it was too hard and you couldn't do it."
Me:  "Sometimes it is really hard.  The hardest thing I've ever done."
Him:  "But you did it."
Me:  *smiles*
Him:  "Even if you were batsh*t crazy."
Me:  "By the way, I have the revision notes back from my editor and I have a new deadline."
Him:  "Oh no."
Me:  "I'm just going to get a manicure... and then I'll start."
Him:  *rolls eyes*  "I'll go to the store for some chocolate."


Happy Anniversary Muses :-)

I love this conversation. The sanity is apparent, yeah...it is!

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