Book Blog: Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish "The Wish" Doller


I read Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller and then I considered driving to Florida to find Trish so I could hug her.

It's that good.

I decided against the hug-trip since Trish and I have never met and she might call the police when I approach her with open arms doing the ugly cry.

Where the Stars Still Shine is an extremely realistic story of a girl named Callie. She's been through a lot and has had a pretty rough life, but the meat of the story is this: Callie was sexually abused by one of her mom's boyfriends.

Trish handles the subject of abuse carefully, accurately, and honestly.

We need more books like this. I think this book should be required reading for all human teenagers. Alien teenagers I'm not too worried about.

I know, I know...there's some sex in this book. Big whoop. Teenagers who have been sexually abused would find some hope in Callie's story. And exactly zero teenagers would read this book and then think, "Wow! What is this sex thing that they're doing? I'm gonna go try it!"

It's vitally important that teenagers are aware of sexual abuse and that there is hope and healing for anyone that has been abused. More teens have been abused than the world will ever know and a book like this might be their first step towards healing. It's easy to pick up a book and sit by yourself and read. It's not so easy to go to another person while feeling overwhelmed with unnecessary guilt and tell them what happened.

Books like this are important and can change people's lives.

As far as the plot, the characters, the writing stuff...they are all up to Trish Doller standards.


Trish is a gifted writer and I basically sit around all day mumbling  over and over, "Trish write more books. Trish write more books."


If you've never read a Trish Doller book, you should. Her writing is smooth and easy to follow (Yay for me!), her characters are always realistic, and she'll make you want to become a rapper (trust me).

Also, Trish describes someone in the book as "wearing a Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt." This is clear evidence that Trish thinks about me often. And by "often" I mean all the freaking time.

I give Where the Stars Still Shine 5 out of 5 hugs from strangers.

Now go buy it.


I hope if--ahem, WHEN--I publish a book that you like it & review it, Aaron. You write the most entertaining reviews! Haven't yet read a Trish "The Wish" Doller book, but I'm adding her to my list!

I mumble the same thing, Aaron! I loved this book too, and Trish rocks.

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