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The Original Muses have done a great job discussing the topic of Staying True to Yourself and Your Readers. I have to admit that I am intimidated by this concept since I don't yet have readers, and staying true to myself is an ever-evolving process. I will always be a writer. I will always write. As to whether or not I will write something that appeals to readers of children's fiction remains to be seen.

If there is something I want to impart through my writing and remain true to, I guess it is wonder. I am not particularly good at remembering what happened five years ago - oh, heck, there are days when I can't remember what happened five minutes ago. But I do remember distinctly what fascinated me as a child and a young adult. And, the "what" isn't as important as the feelings. I remember what it felt like to be caught up in something so totally that time slipped away. To be so curious as to why something happened that solving the puzzle became an obsession. I remember what it was like to stare at a praying mantis for the longest time, consider its amazing face, aliens among us and why God felt the need to create
"Saint Edna" patron saint of wonder and curiosity.
it. Sheer wonder.

As an adult, wonder can seem evasive at times. It can be replaced by feelings of confusion, anxiety, anger, fear. I won't deny that children experience these things, too. But engaging in wonder gives you an unparalleled connection with the world. For a child, that is very powerful.

Writing for children and young adults is to be given a permission slip to see the world with fresh eyes. I find that exciting and thrilling. Perhaps my only audience at this time is the child inside me. That's fine. I'll be content entertaining her and myself until I'm lucky enough to open the circle wider. I'd like to think my goal then, is to remain true to wonder on good days and bad.  That can be a tall order. But it's a good place to start.


So so true. Looking for the next idea, I shall try to remember wonder.

Retaining a sense of wonder despite experience is such a worthwhile and courageous quest! Ray Bradbury would approve.

What a nice thing to say, Lia! Thank you.

I love this blog! I find it the most helpful at this point in my "career" of any that I follow. Great job!

Oh, I'll be sure to keep this in mind as I draft my new WIP!

I love this blog, too. In the company of such wonderful people!!

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