True, Boo, or Poo?

As a writer you can:

1. Stay True to yourself.
2. Be a scaredy cat (Boo!).
3. Be a Debbie Downer and think your writing is Poo.

Option #3 - Poo

Basically, most people fail at writing. They fail because they give up. They give up because they write something and it sucks. And the crazy part about it is that us writers often compare our first drafts (that do indeed suck) to our favorite books that have been revised a million times. Writing a first draft to ANYTHING is difficult.

Don't be a Debbie Downer. She sees the downside to everything. Everything is bad. Always.

As a writer you can't think this way. If you write something and it sucks, well, congratulations. You're like every other person in existence that has ever tried to write something. Just don't stay there. Keep going.

You're writing isn't Poo. It's fertilizer.

Option #2 - Boo!

It's Halloween today, so I should get bonus points for this one.

Don't let fear hold you back from writing what YOU want to write! You simply do not care what anyone thinks (unless you have an agent or editor...then you care). Don't fear what kind of feedback you will get from readers. Don't fear query letter rejection. Don't fear failure. Don't fear Edward the vampire.

Write what you want. Do it. Or else...

Option #1 - True

Stay true, yo.

Think of ALLLLLLL the books you love that have no comparison. The authors wrote what they wanted. They didn't try to copy someone. Think of a book you read and thought, "This book is amazing. I've never read anything like it!"

Now go do that.


Oh yes, I've been ALL those places. Maybe all at once. Maybe right now.
Thanks for this, Aaron.

I'm all those things on any given day, Aaron! Thanks for your post!

Thanks for the post. A shot in the arm!

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