Book Blog: HOW TO LOVE by Katie Cotugno

I recently received a lovely box of books from my editor to read while recuperating from surgery.  HOW TO LOVE by Katie Cotugno caught my eye immediately.  Not only was it a contemporary, but was also written in dual timeframes--a structure that intrigues me.  The literary style and captivating storyline had me hooked immediately.  Cotugno, a Pushcar Prize nominee, writes with exquisite detail.  It's a gorgeous story--full of heart and very real, very flawed characters.

From the author's website:

Before: Reena Montero has loved Sawyer LeGrande for as long as she can remember: natural as breathing, endless as time. He’s never seemed to notice that Reena even exists—until one day, impossibly, he does. Reena and Sawyer fall in messy, complicated love, hiding out in the back of the restaurant their families own together and taking winding, late-night road trips in his Jeep. But then one day, without a word, Sawyer disappears from their humid Florida town, leaving a devastated–and pregnant– Reena behind.

After: Almost three years have passed, and there’s a new love in Reena’s life: her daughter, Hannah. Reena’s gotten used to life without Sawyer, and she’s finally getting the hang of this strange, unexpected life. But just as swiftly and suddenly as he disappeared, Sawyer turns up again, making a big play to get Reena back–and to be the kind of dad Hannah deserves. Reena doesn’t want anything to do with him–she’s too hurt, too angry, too busy for any kind of happy reunion. Still, she’d be lying if she said Sawyer’s being back wasn’t stirring something in her. After everything that’s happened, can Reena really let herself love Sawyer LeGrande again?


That sounds like a book I'd like to read. Thanks, Donna.

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