Muse News Roundup: BRAZEN's UK cover reveal!

Take a long, covetous look at the gorgeous UK cover for Katy's upcoming release, BRAZEN, and consider the possibilities of the irresistible logline:

"Sin and secrets in the Royal Court..."

BRAZEN will be published June 12th, 2014, by Viking Juvenile.



Veronica is "taking part in general YA epicness" at YALLfest 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina, today, November 9th. Read the Publishers Weekly article on the event here: YALLFest 2013 Brings Big Names in YA to Charleston.


Katy - The book cover is breathtaking! I cannot wait to read it. And, congrats to Veronica! I can't think of a better place to have this conference than Charleston. It sounds like great fun... I'm jealous!

Great cover! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Thanks, Robin! And I agree, I've always wanted to go to Charleston...

LOVE the cover!! can't wait to read it :)

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