Muse News Roundup: A Giveaway and a New Release!


Hear ye, hear ye! Scholastic is giving away TEN copies of Katy Longshore's MANOR OF SECRETS on Goodreads! You have twelve days (through Dec 6th) to enter your address into the pool to win a copy of this DOWNTON ABBEY for teens. Gorgeous gowns, handsome boys, delicious intrigue, and upstairs-downstairs drama collide in the British countryside of 1911.



The latest e-novella in Veronica Rossi's Under The Never Sky sequence, BROOKE, will be released this coming week, on November 26th! Loosely based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears (with a quest for the perfect kiss taking the place of the perfect chair, bowl of porridge, and the perfect bed) Veronica Rossi delights us with this fresh insight into the mind and heart of one of her most memorable side characters. Prepare to be enchanted!



Donna Cooner held sixth graders at Preston Middle School, Fort Collins, in thrall during a recent visit. If you'd like Donna to visit your school, get in touch via her website's contact page.


Great roundup, Lia. So many good things going on! Thanks.

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