A Holiday Wish For Writers

As the season bustles with holiday cheer,
real-life love interest asks what I wish for this year.
Do I wish for a book deal, all shiny and new?
Do I wish for a blurb or a starry review?
Do I wish for a spot on a bestseller list?
Do I wish for a movie not to be missed?

There were years when I probably wished for those things,
And I wouldn't complain if they're what the year brings,
but my wish for my writing is simpler somehow.
I wish to enjoy the here and the now,
to treasure the moments the words start to flow,
to fall in love with my characters and then let them go,
to keep writer friends close and write from the heart,
to always remember that writing's an art.

May your new year be filled with words on the page,
May your stories find life and take center stage,
And whatever you write, when in need of a lift,
Remember your books are their own special gift.


Oh, Talia, this is soooo wonderful! May your New Year be filled with these things also!

Talia, you were a poet and I didn't know it! (Hahahaha. Ahem.) These are great wishes.

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