Happy Holidays! by Donna

This week has been a difficult one for a lot of people in my life.  Illness, grief, and hard times seem to be present with so many.  It's difficult sometimes to find the "happy" in the holidays.  Especially when you see those you care about in such pain.  There are no words, written or spoken, that can take away that hurt.

The holidays can be especially difficult for those who are struggling.  Many are missing someone.  Many are grieving something.  The glitter and sparkle of the season throw the darkness into glaring contrast.  And, even worse, it clutters the minds of those who might otherwise be a comfort.

So I encourage us all to somehow love our way through it.  Look for moments, even among hectic schedules, to share a caring thought or smile.  To a stranger or to a loved one.

Hoping your new year is filled with good health and much love,



As much as the holidays are a time of giving and good cheer, it is also the time where your statement of "the glitter and sparkle of the season throw the darkness into glaring contrast" shows forth with so much truth. May we all find the beauty in the little things we oft take for granted. Happy Holidays, YA Muses :-)

The Christmas kitty photo alone should lift holiday spirits everywhere! Happy holidays, Donna and Angela.

Thanks, Angela, I completely agree. And, Beth, pets are the best comfort during those difficult times.

I agree, Donna, the holidays can be difficult for many. How important that we reach out to others during this time.

such beautiful thoughts, Donna…. so true.

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