Oh, man. How am I supposed to write something as heartfelt as Donna's post, or as generous as Katherine's? As clever as Talia?

I can't.

But what I will do is tell you how excited I am for this Christmas. For the most part, it's the usual hustle-n-bustle, but Christmas 2013 will have a special place in my heart. See, it's the first year my son is aware of the holidays. While he's just a tad over a year-and-a-half, he says 'Hi, ho, ho, ho' to every Santa he comes across (real or decorative)...though under no circumstances shall he sit in the jolly man's lap. Walking the dogs at night has taken on a new joy of pointing at all the holiday lights, especially the 'boo' [translated: blue] variety. And he thinks all the new toys that we place on the tree-shaped-toy-shelf are brilliant, though he can't understand why we keep hanging things the moment he takes them down.

Other than all the new, funny things he does, what's actually made my heart grow three sizes this year is that I get to experience all magic again for the first time through his eyes. The joy and fascination of the simple things. How the wrapping is as cool as the toy underneath. How fun a Christmas tree can be. How beautiful all the colorful lights are and how neat it is that they line our streets.

Now, I know parents say that sort of thing all the time. When I was a non-parent, it's not that I didn't believe them, but I didn't realize how it really feels like your a kid again. Honestly, I had far more trouble finding things for myself than coming up for cool toys for him.

Before I gush on about my kiddo any longer, let me step back and address what it has to do with writing (after all, that's why you're here). Here it goes:

Rediscovering Christmas has taught me that I need to strive for that same feeling in other parts of my life. To forget the scars of rejection or the mind-blowing pressure of deadlines. To have that unadulterated dream and passion that I had straight out of the gate. To remember how beautiful and fantastic the art form is and how lucky I am to experience it.

Who's with me?
(I promise you won't have to sit on Santa's lap if you don't want to)


Oh, the poor baby!!! HAHAHA! Thank you, Bret, for sharing all the joys of having little ones around on Christmas. You're so right - we're all so lucky to pursue this dream of ours. Have a lovely holiday.

Hey, we have one of those tree-shaped toy shelves, too! Only nonbreakable ornaments this year! I'm glad you're rediscovering that sense of wonder in writing.

I kept thinking, YES! YES! reading this. totally hear you! this christmas was so much fun with townes. happy holidays to you & your family

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