You MUST Avoid the Between!

The time Between Christmas and New Years is probably the least productive time for all of humanity. There are several reason why:

1. We just stuffed our faces with enough sugar to kill a full grown moose, and our brains temporarily stopped working.

2. We have extra time off from work, and since our brains are in sugar comas and we don't feel like reading, we decide to catch up on all the shows/movies we've missed, which means we will watch more TV in these eight days than we will the entire next year.

3. We just keep eating.

4. We feel guilty about all the eating. Then we feel depressed and don't want to do anything.

5. Then, since we feel depressed, we watch ELF again to try and laugh but we get the munchies and start nibbling on leftover Christmas cookies. The downward spiral continues.

Don't get caught in the Between! Finish the year wish a PUSH! It's time to position yourself for a great 2014.

Happy reading and writing!


1, 3, and 4. Guilty. But going to skip the TV tonight and open Scrivener. Whether I'm able to actually DO anything...not sure yet. But I at least have to stare at my WIP!

wait… should I put away this bowl of chex mix?! ugh!

A little is always better than nothing! :)

As long as the chex mix is next to your computer...while you're writing...then you're good.

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