10 Random Fandom Heights to Aspire To

In honor of this week’s topic--FANDOM--I've created a list of 10 Random Fandom Heights to Aspire To:

1. A Special Name for your fans. 


2. A Special Hand Sign. 

The Nerdfighter double Vulcan salute
3. Cosplaying Fans who dress up like your characters.
Karou from Laini Taylor's DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE

4. A Midnight Release Party complete with cosplayers and themed snacks.
Cupcakes on Fire

5. An Appearance at Comic-Con.
Nathan Bransford, Tahereh Mafi, Andrea Cremer, Laini Taylor, Stephanie Perkins, Kiersten White & Amanda Hocking at Comic-Con 2011

6. A Rock Star Bus Tour with a personalized bus.
Eoin Colfer's Fowl-Bus

7. Your very own Bobblehead.
Once upon a midnight dreary...

8. An Authorial Action Figure.
Jane Austen Action Figure

9. An Annual Convention hosted by your fans. 

10. A Theme Park inspired by your work. 
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter photo by Jeremy Thompson

How about you? What’s your favorite part about being a fan or a writer with a fandom?


The cosplay one & the action figures--I'll take those.

This is fabulous! Hahaha! I guess when you have one or more of these, you know you've arrived!

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