Darkness Visible

I was going to write about another subject for today  until I read Libba Bray's blog entry, Miles and Miles of No-Man's Land , about her struggles with depression.  I am a fan of Ms. Bray's writing (A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY, DIVINERS, GOING BOVINE)- and I have to say, now, I am a fan of Ms. Bray.

Writing about depression is not easy. It is a commonly misunderstood illness that affects millions of people in this country.  That it is not easy to describe makes it all the more difficult for those who suffer from it to try and explain their feelings. Libba Bray does the nearly impossible task of capturing its nature with her words. She gives those who do not know just how hideous this disease is, the opportunity to get a glimpse of its shadows. She makes "darkness visible", that phrase, of course, the title of author William Styron's memoir on his own battle with depression.

I would like to thank Libba for sharing her thoughts and feelings in such a brave way. I think her writing will give so many the courage to reach out and speak about their own darkness as well. And, in that group, I'm certain there will be scores of  young people who read her books. If you suffer from depression or know someone who does, I urge you to read her blog: 


Thanks for pointing me that way, Robin.

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of her post. It's such an important topic, and, agreed, that it is one that is so often misunderstood. Thank you! :)

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