Remember Me - by Donna

Teenage Me
Anne Lamott talks about diving into your childhood to find your story. That advice seems even more applicable when you write for teens.

 The recent trend of posting old photos on "Throwback Thursdays" and Anne's advice, has me asking myself some key questions. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about my teen years. There a few days here and there that stand out, but for the most part it's just a big blur.  And what I think I remember, seems so skewed by my own perception and self doubt that I'm not sure any of it is accurate.

Book3 begins with questions

The me I remember was overweight, unpopular, and alone with a book in her bedroom most of the time.  But these old photos don't see to back up this image at all.  Is it possible the me I remember was not the me other people remember at all? 

How did time twist my self perception into something so different? 

Or did it?

Who was I?
What made me smile? Laugh?
Who were my friends?  Why?

Is perception of character a reality?

How does a writer "show" the mismatch?

Yes, that's me in the red pants.
Memory is something that has always fascinated me.  Memories of a lost loved one, and how to honor those memories, are a central part of CAN'T LOOK AWAY.  There is a saying I found in researching the book about El Dia de los Muertos, "What the dead had in life, they are to have again." 
What things would honor you after you're gone?
What are the things that would honor your character after he/she is gone?

I hope my ofrenda will NOT be a phone!


First of all, LOVE the pics!! I want those red pants! Second, you pose some really interesting questions....There are times I feel the same way, that my memory & reality of past events don't always add up, especially regarding my childhood... Enjoyed your post

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