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As a writer, I've become an extremely picky reader. It takes a lot for me to make the full cover to cover journey these days. There are just too many books in my to-be-read stack to slog through a story that hasn't captured me.
Incarceron by Catherine Fisher captured me. I just realized there's neat bit of irony in there because Incarceron is about a prison. Not just any prison. Incarceron is a prison that's alive. And, oh, is it ever eerie.
Fisher's creation is stunning in its originality. Told in alternative points of view, this is the story of Finn who is a captive in Incarceron, and Claudia who lives outside, in a technologically advanced society that's forced to keep a 17th century lifestyle. Their journeys merge with the discovery of a key.
A living prison? An advanced society living in the past? I know. It's mind-bending. This is for readers who can handle a little meat on their sci-fi/fantasy but, man, is it worth it.
Fisher's writing is exquisite and her characters are fascinating. I particularly loved Finn, but even secondary characters are memorable and perfectly realized. And then there's Incarceron, a character in itself. A prison that taunts and stalks and watches its inmates... just brilliant. There are moments in Incarceron that take your breath away.
I've only ever thought this a few times: This is a book I wish I'd written.
Happy weekend to all!


I agree! I loved this one too. I also liked how each character was dealing with the live prison plus different, more personal kinds of prisons too.

It was wonderful, wasn't it Jennifer? So fresh. I haven't read anything that original in years. And nice observation on the personal prisons. So true! Thanks for coming by the blog!

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