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Today we highlight a blog that has made quite a splash in the one year it's been in existence.  Adventures in Children's Publishing focuses on all things kid lit, with reviews, interviews and guest posts from amazing authors, agents and editors.  But my favorite part is the amazing Friday round up of the best writing blogs of the week.  This comprehensive round up is organized by topic and includes a short summary of the topic and direct links to the posts.  It's an invaluable tool for finding wonderful posts and information you might've otherwise missed.

The blog is run by Marissa Graf and Martina Boone, two writers, along with Cambria Dillon and Ceclia Ramirez.  They tweet links to their favorite blogs during the week @4KidLit.

If you haven't discovered this great blog, go check it out!  But make sure you do so when you have some time to kill.  You may not come back for a while.


Thank you so much, ladies! We appreciate the love and have a great time finding all those links every week. The kidlit community online is amazing, with so much talent and generosity that it's really hard narrowing the posts we share down to a reasonably manageable number!

Stop by and get some books, if you haven't already. We're giving away five more late tonight, plus the querytracker memberships. And of course, there will be more new releases on Monday.


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