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Katherine Longshore 8 Friday, May 20, 2011
Another departure on our Follow Friday blog this week, because we have some very exciting news!  In case you just joined us, I will recap.  A few weeks ago, we offered to critique fifteen pages from the manuscripts of five select followers.  Four winners will be critiqued by one of us each.  One winner will be critiqued by all four of us.

But first I'd like to say that we appreciate all of our followers, readers and visitors.  You are all enthusiastic about writing.  Passionate about your work.  Kind and generous with your time and comments.  And we think all of you are winners (I know, it sounds trite, but it's really how we feel.)

However, the random number generator could only choose five winners, and without further ado, here they are:

Beth Hull who tweets @tbethhull
Yahong Chi who tweets @YahongChi
Taffy Lovell   who tweets @taffylovell
PK Hrezo who tweets @PKHrezo

and our grand prize winner is:  (hear that drum?)

PB Rippey!

Winners, please e-mail the first fifteen pages of your manuscript to  We will critique the pages using comments and/or Track Changes and send them back to the e-mail address you provide. Please allow a week or so for us to do your pages justice.  And PB, yours may take a little longer as we pass it around.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Congrats to all the winners (especially my blogging buddy, PK Hrezo). :D

Hip hip hooray!! *does happy dance*

This is so great! Thanks so much for the op! I'll send it out asap.

Congrats to all the winners! :)

Yay! Congrats winners! And thanks again for holding a contest YA Muses. This was super fun!

Thank you SO much. Take as long as you need to, seriously. I really appreciate and value this opportunity. As soon as my hands stop shaking I will email my pages.

OMG OGM OMG AWMGUH thank you! And congrats to all the other winners, and the YA Muses themselves, too! ::group hug::

Ooh, I'm so thrilled. Congratulations to everyone! I'm going to look at my pages one more time (eek! I'm actually handing them over?) and send them this afternoon. Thanks for offering this contest!

Congratulations again to the winners, and thank you al for your support of them! We may need to do this again, because it has been so much fun.

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