The Announcement You've All Been Waiting For

Katherine Longshore 15 Friday, July 15, 2011
At least, we have. And I'm guessing our loyal followers have been, too.

I, personally, have been waiting to make an announcement like this since we started the blog. And I've been chomping at the bit to make this particular announcement since I first heard the words, "I'm thinking of writing a book about..." We all knew, right then, that this book was going to be something special. And all of us were delighted (though not exactly surprised) when editors thought the same.

Our own Donna Cooner has sold her first YA novel.

And not just any novel. A novel of grace, and elegant prose, with a gut-grabbing hook and meltingly honest characters.

Here is what Publisher's Marketplace had to say today:

Donna Cooner's SKINNY, about a girl whose obesity and negative thoughts stand in the way of her dreams of becoming a singer and finding love, until she begins a long, hard journey of self-discovery and reinvention culminating in gastric-bypass surgery, only to find that love was never dependent on her size, to Aimee Friedman at Scholastic, at auction, in a good deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2012, by Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency (NA).

So have a glass of champagne and congratulate Donna!


YAY for Donna! Sounds like a real bildungsroman of a novel!

Wow, you ladies are full of awesome news this week! Congratulations, Donna!

Congratulations to Donna! This IS fantastic news! It sounds like an amazing book. I can hardly wait for it to release!

Congrats! This book sounds awesome! :)

Congratulations, Donna! I can't wait to read it! Now quick, update the sidebar. :)

Thanks,everyone! It's been an amazing couple of weeks. So thrilled with my agent and new editor, Aimee Freidman. (And, yes, need to update the sidebar :)

Congratulations, Donna! My gosh, you all are so inspiring.


I'm so happy for you Donna! Can't wait to hang out at L.A. SCBWI. You're going, right? Right?!

Happy, happy news! Congratulations, Donna!

Congratulations on your book deal, Donna! Such exciting news! I love that you guys all met unpublished and now you'll all be debuting together next year. So cool!

Congratulations....can't wait to read this book

Woo! HUGEOUS congrats, way to go! Happy for ya. I'll add my happy little jig to yours! ;o)

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