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Katherine Longshore 38 Monday, December 05, 2011
With major gift-giving holidays approaching, we’ll be discussing gifts for writers this week.  We wrote something similar last year, and had so much fun doing it.  And, of course, we’re always up for suggestions from our followers!

I remember the first Christmas I was more excited about a gift I would give than about the gifts I would receive.  I don’t even remember what it was, but I remember the feeling – I didn’t sleep well, I was so excited, and my stomach churned a little when my sister finally picked up the gift I had chosen and wrapped just for her.  I wanted so much for her to love it as much as I thought she would.  And I remember wanting to cry when she said she did.

Well, this week, I have that feeling again.  In part because I have something to give away.  But also because I’m asking you to give me something every writer wants.  A reader.  We write to communicate – our art, our passion, our stories – and a readership is the biggest gift anyone could give us.

So I’m calling this a giveaway, but really you’ll be giving me something I have wanted all my life.  Someone to read my book. 

In the Tudor age, ambition, power and charismatic allure are essential and Catherine Howard has plenty of all three.  Not to mention her loyal best friend, Kitty Tylney, to help cover her tracks.  Kitty, the abandoned youngest daughter of minor aristocracy, owes everything to Cat – where she is, what she is, even who she is.  Friend, flirt, and self-proclaimed Queen of Misrule, Cat reigns supreme in a loyal court of girls under the none-too-watchful eye of the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk.  

When Cat worms her way into the heart of Henry VIII and becomes Queen of England, Kitty is thrown into the intoxicating Tudor Court.  It’s a world of glittering jewels and elegant costumes, of gossip and deception.  As the Queen’s right-hand-woman, Kitty goes from the girl nobody noticed to being caught between two men – the object of her affection and the object of her desire.  

But the atmosphere of the court turns from dazzling to deadly, and Kitty is forced to learn the difference between trust and loyalty, love and lust, secrets and treason.  And to accept the consequences when some lessons are learned too late.

We have an ARC of GILT, to be sent to a randomly-selected reader anywhere in the world. All you have to do is comment and/or tell the world about us and the giveaway.

Each of these things will give you one entry into our hat:

       Any comment on any blog posting this week
       Any tweet or retweet (please include a #giltnovel hashtag and a link to the blog)
       Any Facebook link to the blog (please add a link to your comment, so we can see this!)
       You can enter as many times as you want
       Contest is open internationally
       Contest runs from right now through December 12 – winner announced next Tuesday.

I have some GILT-related items to give away, too, so come back and keep reading!


You have one hungry reader here, Katy! I've been wanting to read GILT for so long I can taste it!

I can't wait to read it.
twittr handle; rocapri

Not only am I eager to read your book, but my 17-year-old daughter is wild to get her hands on a copy!

So Excited to read your first published book Katy!!

This is so exciting! Off to tweet now....

Ooh, I'd love to read GILT. The story sounds amazing. And just look at that cover!

(I tweeted about the giveaway.)

Gilt, the perfect gift to give my family for Christmas ;)

So looking forward to reading your Work Of Art!

Okay. I want this SO BAD.


I'm really really looking forward to this. Sounds like an excellent read.


Thanks for the enthusiasm, everyone! Remember to keep coming back all week -- we've got some great posts ahead of us!

I tweeted. This book is on my TBR list and even if I don't win, I will hound my library mercilessly until they order it.!/LisaLLibrarian/status/143887699273715712

As a history major Gilt sounds like my kind of book!

Promises to be a great book! Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win a copy.


deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

I know what you mean. I always get a little bit stressed out during Christmas because I want to pick the best gift to give to all my loved ones :)

And I am one excited reader here! The ARC will be in good hands (I'll share it with my book blogging friends too! ^^) Did I tell you how lovely the cover is? Because it is! And thanks for the giveaway!

I tweeted:!/amaterasureads/status/144393542079492096

amaterasureads AT gmail DOT com

I'm SO excited if you can't tell ;)


I cant wait to read Gilt. I love historical fiction!

Would love to WIN! :)


Sounds awesome, I'm in!

feonua AT me DOT com

I do like the sound of this book and I LOVE the title ;) Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I would love to win and review this -- thanks for the opportunity!

Tweeted it!!/crzybookreviews/status/145248988940091392


Wpw! The positive response here has been so encouraging and heartwarming. I wish I had so many more books to give away. Remember to look out for winners on my post Tuesday, and remember you can enter all weekend!

oh my, would love to win this, thanks!


Aww, "So I’m calling this a giveaway, but really you’ll be giving me something I have wanted all my life. Someone to read my book. " - that is touching <3

Well, you will definitely have a reader in me at some point, because Gilt is firmly planted on my 2012 Must Reads list! So excited to get it, so naturally I would love, love, love to be entered!

Tweeted -!/peacelovevegan/status/145819580894429184

Thank you!

Congratulations! :) I'd love to read this - by the way the cover is gorgeous.

kate1485 at


Oooh great contest!

Posted on twitter:!/rebeccamherman/status/146183589317451777

also posted on my facebook:

rebecca191 at

Wow! GILT Sounds amazing! Sign me up and call me Betsy--I'm ready.

(uh-that's not really my name,fyi)

This sounds facinating! Thanks for the giveaway. :]

Gabi: teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

OMGosh, I am DYING to read GILT! You guys don't know how obsessed I am with the Tudors, lol.

Thank you so much for the giveaway! Y'all rock. Happy Holidays!!!

*crosses fingers and hopes*


I retweeted a giveaway tweet. Here's the link:!/rebeccamherman/status/146183589317451777

and my Twitter handle is @Lena1xoxo. :D

*crosses fingers and hopes some more*


Lena, I'm so glad you're excited for GILT! But I'm sorry, the contest ended Monday. Maybe we need to plan another one...Keep coming back!

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