INTRODUCING New Wednesday Muse- Kristen Held

I am thrilled to share Wednesdays with Kristen Held, a wonderful writer who never fails to make me laugh.  Kristen and I first met at the big SCBWI Los Angeles conference in 2011, where we shared a meal, a cab, an airplane ride, and a drink while wearing pajamas (I think Kristen might've been wearing a bunny suit, but in fairness, it was a costume party).  

Bunny suit aside, I feel like we really got know each other a few months later, when Kristen invited me to spend a weekend with her and Beth at her family's cabin in the Sierras.  The cabin was remote enough that there was no cell phone service and no internet, with roads that are only open six months out of the year because they're impassable in snow.  Why yes, it did occur to us that this was how all horror movies began.  We managed to avoid snow, bears,and zombie attacks, and after 48 hours of talking books, writing books and general writerly bonding,  I was happy to have Kristen as a friend.  

Some things you might not know about Kristen:  

She not only does great costume, she does great zombie make-up.  

When she reads out loud, she does voices for all the characters. (My personal favorite is a little boy named Hammy).

She can bake gluten-free cookies (lots and lots and lots of them).

She married her high school sweetheart. 

She writes fun, funny, fun-filled YA.

I know that you will love getting to know Kristen and sharing her writing journey.  So with out further ado, I give you Kristen.

-- Talia
Photo of Bret and Kristen Courtesy of Naomi Canale
It’s all Bret Ballou’s fault.

I met Bret in October of 2010 in a haunted former hospital in Virginia City, Nevada where we’d gathered as mentees in the famed Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program. Through him I met Veronica, Katherine, Talia and Donna, who are all as awesome as Bret claimed they'd be.

I’ve long admired the love and support the original five YA Muses lavish on each other and feel inordinately lucky to have been invited to hang out with them, and all of you, in this little corner of the interwebs.

To give you an idea of who I am and where I am on my journey through the land of kid lit, here’s a current snapshot of what I’m up to…

I’m deep in Revisionland on a contemporary YA mystery. Working title = BLURT. Current First Line = “I’m sitting behind the counter of my mom’s antique shop, thinking about Grayson Chandler’s abs, when the bell over the door jingles and in walks Henry VIII.”

ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE by Gail Carriger. “There is steampunk etiquette! There is well-dressed espionage! There is Victorian fake food. There are flying mechanical sausage dogs named Bumbersnoot.” What’s not to love?

My MC’s theme song = Brave by Sara Bareilles “Show me how big your brave is.”

American Ninja Warrior. I just want to be able to do a one-pinkie pull-up. Is that so much to ask?

Obsessed with:
The seven minute workout. Only I do it for FOURTEEN MINUTES! How else am I going to become the next American Ninja Warrior?

To walk and type at the same time on my new treadmill desk. I’m determined to write at least six miles a day.

My daughter’s first-day-of-school outfit. Because I’m a wicked seamstress with itchy fingers. And I can whip up anything she wants. Anything! The sky (and the school’s dress code) is the limit! She wants a t-shirt and shorts.

Looking forward to:
The Writer’s Police Academy with its awesome tagline “Sweat now, so your manuscript won’t bleed red ink later.”

Thinking about: 
All of you!

Now that you know a little bit about me, what brings YOU here?


I'm here because I love the company!

Also: awesome first line.

Also also: you are so cool, you put the cool in phrases like "treadmill desk" and "pinkie pull-up."

I'm here because I'm procrastinating on my copyedits.

No, really, I'm here for the same reason Beth is--because I love hanging out with Muses old and new, and connecting with our fabulous readers.

Also, Kristen was a monkey at that party. The tail gave it away. (kind of like the squopher yesterday).

Love that first line, too, Kristen!

I'm *fascinated* with the idea of a treadmill desk. I want more details & pics in an open post one day, please!! Happy to be on board with you as a New Muse :) Welcome!

I'm here because I'm curious about the new Muses. Anyone who makes great costumes is going to be fun to have around! Welcome, Kristen!

That's right, it was a monkey suit. And really, every party needs more monkeys. Welcome to the blog Kristen, we're so excited to have you on board!

Welcome, Kristen. So happy to have you join us!

KRISTEN! Lola and I welcome you to the YA MUSES! Woot!

Welcome, Kristen! I love good opening lines! Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

Thanks, Beth! I love the company too! Where else can you find an Artistic Beagle, a Hot Dog Wolfer and a Wannabe Ninja in the same place?!

It's true. I was one of several jumping monkeys.
Thanks for procrastinating here! I hope the copyedits are going well :). If only you had some really thick books on Tudor stuff...

Thanks, Joanna! It's lovely to see you here :).

Hi, Jodi! I'm happy to share my newfound love of treadmill desks in a future post :). And I'm looking forward to reading your Intro post!

Thanks, Lia! I have a feeling your WIP has some fantastic costuming possibilities!

Thanks, Talia! And thanks so much for the lovely intro. You were so brave to accept that cabin invitation!

Thanks, Donna! It's lovely to be here!

Thank you! I hope Lola has been working on her skills. I have plans to take our circus act on the road if this writing thing doesn't work out...

Aw, thanks! I hope so! Wouldn't THAT be fun? I love the idea of readers dressing up for signings. (yes, I write fantasy, I can dream)

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