I Have News to Show/Tell!

I can finally tell you my good news! Except this week’s topic is “Show, Don’t Tell,” which I’m pretty sure means I can’t just tell you. I’m required to show you instead of blurting it out in ALL CAPS like I want to. 
It was the day after Christmas and I heard the telltale ding of an email landing in my inbox. With visions of post-holiday-sale notices dancing in my head, I clicked on the envelope icon. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but an email I’d been hoping for but hadn’t expected until next year!

Okay, I’ll stop with the Night Before Christmas schtick already.

My heart began to beat faster than a Taiko drum finale and my NyQuil-addled brain wondered if it could really be true. Was this it? The prelude to the legendary “call?” I sent off a reply and proceeded to wear a ridiculous grin for the rest of the day. Except when I became certain that “the call” would consist of a very polite rejection. Or that the hideous coughing plague I’d been gifted by my thoughtful preschooler would strike in the middle of my phone call, thereby making talking impossible.
I emailed my writer friends to make sure I knew the right questions to ask, just in case. I googled all things call-related. I started fourteen different craft projects in an effort to distract myself.

At the appointed hour I shooed my noisy family out of the house, popped a cough drop and proceeded to stare at my phone. Which promptly rang.
My pulse booming like a world class beatboxer, I answered.

It was THE CALL!! 
I started happy dancing around the house like I was performing every song on Just Dance 2 all at once at double speed.

Then I emailed the other agents I was waiting for responses from. Every time an email with the heading “Offer of Representation” hit my inbox I had palpitations. Somehow I kept forgetting that I was the one who sent the email with that heading and the agents were just replying, not necessarily offering.
My January decision deadline suddenly felt impossibly far away. I became that speed-obsessed snail striving for the finish line, desperate for nitro-induced superpowers to get me there faster.
But the longer I waited, the more certain I became I’d already found the agent for me.

Okay, I could probably use more specific details and active verbs to really show what the whole process was like, but sometimes shorter is better and you have to resort to telling. And so... I’m ridiculously thrilled to tell you all that I’m now represented by literary agent Kathleen Rushall at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency!


HOORAY! Congratulations, Kristen! I can't wait to see what the two of you have in store for the publishing world!

Yay! Very excited for you, Kristen! Wonderful news.

Oh, WOW! Congratulations, girl! You must be on top of the world, doing the happy dance! So happy for you!

Congratulations and thanks for showing us your excitement!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Congrats, KC! Totally deserved and about time! Expecting more awesome things for you!

Happy, happy joy, joy!!!! What fabulous news!!

Thank you, thank you, lovely friends! I am definitely still happy dancing :).


Congrats, Kristen! Lola and I are running around the house and jumping up and down for you!

I'm SO excited for you ! I literally squealed when I read this. A big heartfelt congrats. What an exciting accomplishment and I look forward to following your exciting writing career!! xo

Thank you so much, lovely ladies!!

All you need is One! Your One is a good one! Congratulations! You're in good hands:)

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