CAN'T LOOK AWAY- Trailer Shoot

I had so much fun today filming a trailer for my new book, CAN'T LOOK AWAY!  Seeing a story that has lived inside my head come to life is nothing short of amazing.  I had to share some behind the scenes shots.

Meet Miranda Grey (Lexi Drager)

Meet fashion vlogger, Torrey Grey (Megan Bean)

Lexi Drager listening to director, Matt Wurst-Calgari

Lexi in full Day of the Dead Makeup

The trailer was produced by Ideas That Breathe Studios and they did an amazing job!   So creative and professional.  ITBS is a full production shop, specializing in all aspects of web and video design and productionDriven by a passion for cinematography and the digital motion picture realm, ITB Studios branched out from its roots in web design and development to include professional, compelling High Definition video. To find out more, visit


Wow, that sounds like such a blast, Donna! I can't wait to see the trailer! Do you know when it should be ready?

Sounds like a long but fascinating day, Donna! Looking forward to the big reveal. Absolutely LOVE Lexi's Day of the Dead makeup shot! Especially her 'dead-pan' expression. LOL

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