Dear YAMuses' Friends and Followers:

After four years of blogging about writing and publishing, the YAMuses have decided to take a hiatus. We loved sharing our journey and thoughts on writing with readers over the years, but find the time has come to devote all our attention and energy to writing our own stories. Our blog archives will stay searchable as a resource for writers and we hope you will continue to follow our individual publishing journeys. Although blogging has been great fun, the best part about the YAMuses has always been the amazing friendships. We wish you all the best in your own writing journey and hope we encouraged you in some way.

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To all the YA Muses--

Thank you all SO much for the years of thoughtful, funny, insightful, substantive posts. It's hard to do a blog well, and you guys offered SO very much. And set an amazing example of generosity and integrity along the way.

Big hugs and so much gratitude,

Thank you for so many great years and great posts! Will miss reading.

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