MATCHED by Ally Condie

Happy Anniversary to the YA Muses! What a year is right!
One of the greatest treasures of 2010 for me has been sharing this year with my good friends. We've supported one another and grown so much. If you are a writer, I encourage you to attend conferences and meet people. I think I can say, on behalf of all the Muses, having the support of friends has made all the difference!
As you might know, in celebration, we're giving away BOOKS all week! To enter, simply leave a comment today. More on the rules here.
Now, for my book review... I've been looking forward to reading Matched for a long time. Love me a good dystopia... Condie's dystopian tale is a poetic, quiet work that nevertheless delivers a philosophical and emotional punch.
Cassie's every decision is predicted and controlled by the Society, including who'll be her ideal Match, or husband. What happens when she's accidentally matched with two young men? Well, read it and find out.
There's some eerie stuff here, as expected with any good dystopia. Solid points for smooth world building. I found the writing perfectly suited to the story. Condie's spare and lyrical voice added as much as her characters and description.
I believe this story was positioned largely as a romance but I was just as drawn to the non-romantic relationships in Matched. Cassie, the protagonist, has a believable and tender relationship with her grandfather and brother. I found myself reading for these parts as much as for Xander or Ky. A good thing, in my opinion.
This is an entertaining read that I will definitely be continuing with the next two installments of the trilogy!


Interesting story! Dystopian sagas seem to be quite the rage right now. I haven't decided if and when I'll attempt to write one, but they sure sound fun to read.

Thanks for coming by the blog, Jeffrey. Good luck on your writing!

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