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Earlier this week, I finished FIRELIGHT, by Sophie Jordan and I was in that place where you don't want to leave a story yet. You know that place? Isn't that a great, terrible feeling? Sigh. So I went trawling the net to make sure I'd get to read more about Draki (Jordan's dragon-descendant humans who are way cool). (It's a trilogy. Phew.) And that's how I stumbled across Supernatural Underground.

People... it's like a bee hive of amazing authorness over there. Melissa Marr. Kimberly Derting. As well as adult paranormal writers (Bestsellers. Award winners. They don't play around.) who I will be reading very soon.

Here's how the group describe themselves:

...where demons dwell, vampires lurk, faeries flit and panthers prowl!

We're a group of best-selling HarperCollins authors, writing Speculative Fiction - Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Sci-Fi for adults and teens under the Avon, Eos and HarperTeen imprints. Call it what you like, if it's supernatural or Sci-fi, aliens, fantastic or immortal, lurks in the shadows, or there's fur, fangs, fins, phantoms or faery wings involved, we write it!
(Ohhhh. Did anyone happen to catch the publisher information? HarperCollins! Man, they must be amazing at spotting talent... *maniacal laughter*)
You'll find information on craft and upcoming books and events. They recently did a thing on what makes true romance. Who doesn't want to read about that?
Go check out Supernatural Underground and have a great weekend!

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