When you thought it couldn't get any better... WOW

We have to interrupt our Follow Friday today for BIG BREAKING NEWS! After an amazing year for YAMuses, who could have dreamed we have another big announcement? But we do!

Publisher's Weekly announced this morning:

Veronica Rossi’s debut, a dystopian YA romance trilogy called Under the Never Sky, sold to HarperCollins in September in a major deal and has since been quietly selling internationally. Now, after being sold in 20 markets, the book is headed to Hollywood. Warner Brothers has optioned the series, for feature adaptation, beating out both Summit Entertainment (which produced the Twilight saga) and Fox. Creative executive Chris Gary acquired the dramatic rights.

That's right. Veronica is going HOLLYWOOD!! We're so proud of you, V. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

To read the whole article, check out the link below:


That is wonderful news!!! Congrats Veronica!

Congratulations, Veronica! Phenomenal. Come back to Earth soon!

Yeeeeeehawwwwww!!!! Not very English of me, but under the circumstances it seems the only appropriate response! :)

That is fantastic news Veronica, the books sounds fabulous... can't wait to read them!

Sounds like a great book. My kind of read (which means it's YA and has romance). :D

Thank you for all the kind words! So appreciated! Now I just need to finish polishing said book....

Wow, this is the dream of every author! Major congrats!

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