Dream Dinner Party

First, I want to echo Katy's message earlier today. Thank you for making this little blog site so much fun for us. New friends, and dear old friends, Happy Thanksgiving to you from us. We are so grateful for our community.

Now, onto the Dream Dinner Party... This is a game I've been playing for a while. It's sort of like when you imagine what you'd do after winning the lottery, but in my opinion, more fun to riff on. The basic premise: if you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would it be?

I like to set aside the obvious choices. Of course family and friends would be at the top of this list, if I were to speak from the heart. But this is pretend. A chance to have a little fun. So here goes.

My list:

  1. Steve Martin - I've been a fan for, like, forever. A true renaissance man, Steve and I could talk art, books, music. (An aside: I saw him in Central Park recently. He walked by me and my husband. If only I'd had my dinner invitations handy!)
  2. Simon Cowell - I have questions. Plus, I have the feeling he's quite charming in real life. Don't you think?
  3. Liam Hemsworth - You've seen him, right? Do I have to explain? What? I do? OK. I want the inside scoop on the Hunger Games Movie.
  4. Kate Winslet - She's open about herself and her insecurities which makes her a strong woman, in my eyes. Plus she's ridiculously talented.
  5. JK Rowling - This one needs no explanation.
  6. MT Anderson - This one doesn't either.
  7. Kathryn Bigelow - Director of THE HURT LOCKER. Strong, successful woman in Hollywood. Creative. Thinks outside the box. I loved her in the interviews I've seen.
  8. Brian Wilson - Relief/Closer pitcher for the SF Giants. A little crazy. Every dinner party needs an element of unpredictability. He'd bring that. Maybe he'd even show up in a spandex tuxedo.
  9. Robert Redford - Living legend. Who wouldn't want to talk with him?
  10. Alicia Keyes - I'm obsessed with her voice and I... I don't know. I feel like we could be friends.
  11. Elle Fanning - I just saw Super 8, and thought she was brilliant in it. I think she's going to be (ok, she already is) a huge star, and it'd be fun to ask her to pass the bread please, Elle.
What do you think? Fun dinner party? Well, I've saved a spot for you. Be here at 6!



I don't know everyone on your list, but Steve Martin might be the best guest EVER!! And although I think he'd get along fabulously with Brian Wilson, as a lifelong Brewer fan, I'd have a hard time inviting him. I'd do it, but I'd feel a little guilty. Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, Erica! Love him! We could sub out Brian Wilson for you. We'd just need another wild card....

My uncle met Simon Cowell a few years ago and said exactly that! Charming.

I also would like to meet Alicia Keyes - she's just so pretty too!

I met SM at a literary party. Everyone asked him to play the banjo, but he turned red and wouldn't do it. Very nice man--but I couldn't get over his being shorter than me. Aren't all movie stars taller than everyone else in the world??? I was thrown.

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