It’s the day after Thanksgiving and if you’re reading The Muses today it means (1) you’re in a hospital bed after being trampled on Black Friday at Wal-Mart or (2) you ate too much yesterday to do anything but stare at the computer screen hoping for faster digestion.

Either way: Welcome!

Today’s dinner party, like today in general, is all about the leftovers. I’ll provide the turkey meat, but my guests need to bring something extra from their own to share along with tantalizing conversation.

J.K. Rowling. Sure, she changed children’s literature as much as Alice tumbling into Wonderland. Sure, she’s built a fictional world as rich and deep as Frodo’s. But, secretly, I invited her because of her magical Yorkshire pudding. Luckily, she's still in town from Veronica's party.

Paul Rudd. Paul and I are destined to be best buds. We’ll go on crazy road trips and get into all these awesome high jinks laughing the whole time. Our insta-friendship will begin at my party. He’s bringing something classic, but fun. I’m guessing mac’n’cheese.

Jason Segel. Because Paul and I will need a third. And he’s got a ton of chocolate chip cookies, which are always great for desert, even if not traditional. And I need them on road trips. 

Angelina Jolie. (sorry, Brad had to stay at home with the kids – hey, other Muses have got their celebrity crushes). I’ve loved this woman since I saw her in Hackers. She’s a brilliant actress, well-traveled, and has a heart-of-gold. Plus, she scares me a little bit...okay, a lot. She told me what she’s bringing, but it was in Swahili and I don’t know Swahili. So exotic.

Christopher Nolan. People need to give this guy more credit for his storytelling genius, not just his Blockbuster success.  I bet he has made as much money as the number of minds he has blown.  Look at his list as writer and/or director: Memento, Dark Knight, Inception. He mentioned that he’s into these inventive Top Chef type dishes where you think it’s one thing, but it’s really another. His dish is bound to be intriguing. 

Rihanna. Don’t spout off about how I’ve already invited eye candy. This guest is all about the music. Yep. Just the music. And her famous jerk chicken. Yum.

M.T. Anderson. Another repeat and I haven’t heard back from him yet. I hope he’s not too tired from his Veronica's yesterday. But talk about genius: I hear he grows a killer filet mignon (read FEED, people).

Orson Scott Card. Any man that came up with ENDER’S GAME and CHARACTERS & VIEWPOINT is welcome in my home. Any time. He’s bringing baked beans…bean, get it, BEAN! Ha ha ha.

Tina Fey. The Muses got all my people to their parties before my list before it went public, huh? C'est la vie. Tina is wickedly smart and wickedly funny. And I’ve always wanted to try the Cheesy Blasters she’s going on about.

You (unless you’re family, in which case you’ll find the door locked. Sorry, there are RULES to these fantasy dinner parties – don’t blame the messenger). I know this is all sappy, but you come back and listen to us talk week after week. It’s my turn to ask you some questions. To start: What ya got leftover?


I've got pumpkin creme caramel with a pumpkin seed brittle garnish!

I want to come if Kristen brings that creme caramel! But all I've got is Tofurky. Am I still invited?

Smoky bacon biscuit dressing--oops--gone. Sorry. I blame my sister. She should have made at least 50lbs of it instead of 30.I do have some whole wheat pretzels in the pantry...And a packet of ball point pens...

I'm obsessed with Rihanna, too. Love her.

I only crash Thanksgiving parties, so I got nothing but some dry Stove Top in the pantry.

But awesome list! Jason Segal would totally bring those cookies!

KCH, you are IN! (Katy, you too...but leave the tofurky at home - the name just intimidates me).

PB, you had me a whole wheat pretzels.

Erica, there's nothing wrong with Stove Top.

V, What happened to Will.I.Am? You ALWAYS out Will.I.Am on you guest lists.

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