SILVER Cover Reveal

As an aspiring writer, I have long dreamed of the day that one my stories would become a real book.  But even after selling a manuscript, I've never been able to imagine the cover art.  What would it look like?  Would I like it?  Would it change the way I saw my story?

When I first saw the cover art for SILVER, I was instantly struck by how perfect it was, both for the story and the character.  It compliments the story in the best possible way, perfectly evoking the mood and the character.  Brianna is a character that starts the story nearly invisible, fading into the background, only to be thrust into something that is far bigger than her and her desire to be seen.  This cover art captures her journey perfectly.  Seeing the cover makes it feel like a real book, and it's even better than I ever imagined.

I love it!  I hope you will to.  The cover is being featured at Dark Faerie Tales, a great blog that features paranormal and fantasy stories.  Please join me in thanking Angela and her team at Dark Faerie Tales for helping get the word out about SILVER.

EDITED TO ADD:  Sorry for the technical difficulties earlier. It should be up now!



Hi Talia - Where else have you posted it? I'm unable to view it at Dark Faerie Tales and I really want to see!

Me too! Dark Faerie Tales's link isn't working.

But that description is awesome . . .

Nope - still not working. But I did find it here:

Very pretty!!

Sorry it still wasn't working for you, but glad you found it. You are a good detective!

Looks like it's working now! Gorgeous cover!

Ha ha - yes! I REALLY wanted to see it :)

Gorgeous cover! Brianna blends with the background and that fits the description of the books perfectly. I also like the title font with the curlicues.

Thanks Petra! Yes, that's what I love about it, you have to look a little closer to see her- just like in the book.

It's beautiful!!! Mysterious and eye-catching. Congratulations!

Talia, I love it! You're right - it is perfect for Brie's story!

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