Lucky Charms by Donna

Happy St. Patrick's week to all out there, Irish or not. This week the Muses turn our attention to the topic of LUCKY CHARMS and, as always, it will be fun to see everyone's diverse opinion on the subject. Hope you'll drop by and share one of your lucky charms sometime this week.

I prefer the idea of symbolism to charms, but I do have some tangible things I consider symbolic of my writing journey and, strangely enough, both are items of jewelry. It's odd because I don't consider myself much of a jewelry person, yet these two pieces are incredibly special to me.

The first arrived by mail in a beautifully wrapped Bloomingdale's gift box a week after the deal for SKINNY was announced. It was from the Muses. I opened it to find a tiny silver elephant charm on a delicate silver necklace accompanied by a note that read:

I loved it so much, I immediately made a huge wish for the future of SKINNY and put it on. I haven't taken it off since. I even wrote it into the last chapter of the book and sent an identical one to my lovely editor, Aimee Friedman at Scholastic. A couple of weeks ago, I took new photos for my book jacket and you can just see the tiny silver necklace around my neck (Yes, Bret, I know it's off center...sorry). It's symbolic of the wonderful friendship and support that has seen me through the journey this book has taken to publication. I love the fact it will be there on the book jacket.

I wear the second piece of symbolism around my wrist and it's completely from me. It's a charm bracelet I started to represent my publication journey. It helps me realize and be grateful for all the wonderful milestones I've seen this year. Each charm represents some special event or moment. The teapot is for the sale to the UK. The four leaf clover represents the four Muses. The purse is when I received the money for my advance. The green birthstone charm represents signing with my agent - Sarah Davies. We share the same August 7th birthday. And so on...

The journey to a dream is a difficult one, full of disappointments at times.
These two pieces of jewelry remind me constantly (in a tangible, visible way) of the amazing blessings I've had along the way.


Such pretty, positive, happy-making lucky charms! I really do believe that tangible (not to mention tactile) visible reminders of good news and special events are instant mood lifters. And comfort-givers, too.

Beautiful! I especially love the charm bracelet because of the added symbolism of its possibility to grow and change.

C'mon, Donna, you know I love this pic. Plus, this is why God invented photoshop!(actually it's one of the other shots where the elephant was WAY off to the side...I barely noticed on this one)

I did not know that about elephants but what a lovely gift from your fellow Muses! That must be very special to you. Now I want an elephant necklace from Tiffany's!
(doubt I'll be getting one) But maybe I'll find an elephant to stick on my desk to remind me of the luck.

Your bracelet is beautiful. I hope you get to add a lot more money charms and book charms to it!


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