My Favorite Scene (From the Drawer)

This week, I’m also brushing off something from my “in-the-drawer” novel, THE MIRROR MAN, to share with y’all. I picked this scene because my mind is still wrapped around the idea behind the novel, even if my current story is getting all the attention.  Someday, I’ll come back and write this book because I love the concept that much, but until then, this teaser will have to do…

At the beginning.
Seriously, back here?
What a difference.
The city of Cape Valor is still around. Everyone is still alive. It’s all here – whole and innocent. I’m really at the beginning. Again.
Kinda makes me want to puke.
I blow out a long, frozen breath into the night. The curved glass on the inside of my mask fogs. Through it, I can see the house in front of me – a house that I remember well. It’s small, clean, and identical to the other houses in this suburb of Cape Valor. A dozen feet away, the kitchen window frames a golden glow. It looks warm in there. The Applegates perform their usual dinner-prep routine: Adam’s mom cooking and his dad reading the newspaper.
They look just like I remember them. I sorta miss this life. Simple. Normal. Everyday stuff. Nice and cozy.
Weird to think that I lived in this house with them less than a year ago. Even weirder to think that I was Adam – Adam Applegate – their thirteen-year-old son – the dork extraordinaire. But I’m not “Adam” anymore, am I?
HA! Not even close.
He’s who I was, but nothing compared to who I am.
I run my fingers over the smooth glass surface on my cheek. A blue lightning bolt jumps from it into the sky. But no one inside the house notices. 


WOW, Bret. That is an awesome scene. Very intriguing. I can't help wondering how Adam-now got back to being outside the house of when he was Adam-then. So yeah, hop to getting this one done so the world can fall in love with this story :-)

Echoing Angela - very intriguing! I could guess at the concept but have a feeling I'd be way off.

Lightning from his cheek? Is Cape Valor a real place? Guess I could look that up, couldn't I? Sounds very interesting. I can't tell if it's set in the future and if Adam has been gone against his will or by choice. Write the story! Please!! I'd love to read it!! Smooth glass surface of his face. No I know I haven't read that anywhere in YA! Finish it before someone else does!

Yes, I use a lot of exclamation points,

Great opening! Love that lightning bolt.

I hope you do revisit this one ...

Thanks everybody! Someday I will go back to it, promise. Even if only because I love the supporting cast ...they deserve time in the daylight too.

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