Me (mental) Lucky Charms

I’m a superstitious guy, though my quirks take less of the physical format and more of a full moon, first-of-the-month, avoid 6#6 (look, I can’t even write it) flavor. Except those aren’t really about luck, which is this week’s topic…So I really had to ask myself: Do I have an object that makes the fortunes smile on me? What do I carry around to ward off the darkest times? Is there some talisman that makes me feel special like Donna’s necklace or Katherine’s locket?

Not really.

Finally, it hit me: I’ve got plenty of luck charms, but they aren’t physical. Rather, they’re a few of those “blew-my-mind-compliments” that I’ve collected over my career. Just the briefest of moments that I’ve stored away in the most sacred of spots in my head. Instants which are only to be peeked at when the complete poop storm hits.

My charms aren’t things I brag about to most people. In fact, the opposite is true: I keep them as close to me as possible. They’re special, and in this uniqueness is their power. When I think about them it feels like that first, long sip of hot coffee on a morning where your breath is solid…or that surge of strength when you glimpse the finish line of a long race. They’re magic.

Now, I bet you’re dying to hear some of these moments (ok, let’s call it a fleeting curiosity). Honestly, I’m a tad squeamish to share, but I will because the moon is in a waning crescent on the 3rd Friday of an odd-numbered month in an even-numbered year…which is, after all, a good omen. (oh, and I trust y’all not to judge me).

  • I once had an all-time favorite author read my first chapter aloud in a workshop. After he finished, a big smile crossed his face and he said he was impressed and wanted to read on.
  • At my first NYC-SCBWI conference, I had a much-admired editor stop a line of other VIPs to give me her card and hurriedly tell me to submit my work as soon as I was ready. 
  • A New York Times Bestselling author told me that I’ll have a long, successful career because I’ve “got it going on.” (Not 100% sure what this means, but I like that it’s vague since it allows me to infer many different meanings).

What are some of the mental lucky charms you hold near’n’dear?

P.S. If you want to hear me answer some personal (not THAT personal) questions...check out Katherine's personal blog today!

And may your St. Patrick's Day be filled with corned beef, cabbage, and plenty'o'green beer. 


No green beer for me, thanks. Just Guinness.
I have lucky charms like that, too, Bret. They can be much more powerful than a four-leafed clover...

Those are some pretty potent charms! (way more potent than green beer) I have a notebook filled with quotes that I read often---really often. Okay daily. As a (still) sleepless mother, I don't retain quotes well, so having the notebook is great.

I have a rock that looks like a sea maiden that an author-to-be once kissed very tenderly. Or I wish I had that rock.

Wow, those are great lucky charms! They'd definitely warm my heart on a chilly day or on a not so productive day. Sounds like your day is soon to come! I'm looking for HEIST any day now! I love MG novels.

lotsa luck

Mental lucky charms? The laughs I can get out of my critique group when they read my work.

Um, when I'm intentionally funny, that is - not when I'm trying to write something serious.

Thanks, Heather! I hope it does, but having fun even if it doesn't.

Beth, that's a great long as you're trying.

PB, keep'em close however ya can.

Katherine, agree 100% Though the physical ones are a nice reminder sometimes too. And too much Guinness can make ya green.

Ryan - I'm not witty enough to come up with a response there. I WISH you had that rock.

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