My Lucky Charms

We've been sharing our lucky writing charms this week on the Muses. I realized in thinking about this post that I have quite of few of these.

Bernini's David
One of them is actually my Mom. She has an innate sense for when I need a little push, or a pick me up, and appears, or calls, or emails with just the right words of encouragement. And more than once she's told me, "Something good is going to happen today,"and it's come true. Thanks, Mom!

On my desk, I have two lucky charms. The first is a little bronze figurine of an elephant. I'm obsessed with elephants (trunk up for good luck!) I find them majestic, soulful and quite beautiful, and just about anytime I look at an elephant, it lifts my spirits.

Some of you might know I'm a little bit of an art fanatic. One of my favorite artists is the Baroque sculptor (and painter and architect) Gian Lorenzo Bernini. My favorite work of his is David. When I saw this sculpture in person, I was quite thoroughly and permanently moved. I think I stared at it for about an hour.
My elephant and David

Some of you might not know that this work of art was an inspiration piece for my character, Peregrine. You'll see, in Bernini's work, fluidity of motion, an explosive power, athleticism, hair that curls everywhere, a crooked nose, and well, yeah... it's a lot of what I see in Perry. So on my desk, I have a miniature of this statue. David inspires me not only because he reminds me of some of Perry's qualities. He reminds me that bravery, and a well-aimed stone, can bring down something that can look daunting... like maybe writing a book.

What are your writing charms?


Those are probably two of the most unique and thoughtful writing charms I've ever read about. Now that you mention it, I can definitely see a lot of Bernini's David in Perry!

My writing charm is lame--it's a bird nest ring, to remind me that you have to take the leap sometime if you ever intent to fly (or be published).

Ashley, your charm isn't lame - I love it!

I don't think I have a specific writing charm. Lots of fun knick-knacks (ahem, toys like superhero figurines and a glow-in-the-dark Madonna and a rainbow slinky) reside in my writing studio, though, providing color and reminding me to have fun.

Trunks up!

How wonderful that Perry was inspired by B's David. Artists inspiring artists makes for a fascinating world. And elephants just plain rule. I have a ring I always wear that I tend to gaze at when pausing in my writing. I bought it about 15 yrs ago in Venice Beach. It seems to have a calming quality that I appreciate--more than I realized when I bought it--for I think $5.00! It's holding up well.

Pretty cool that Perry is inspired by David. I love him even more now. And your Mom is your lucky charm. That is so cool. So great that your mom believes in your dream! Keep your charms, they are working great!


Love this, perhaps because I have a thing for elephants, too. Mine is a vintage coin bank. You push his tail down, to make his trunk go up and reveal the slot for coins to be deposited. :)

I also have a beautiful gold and ruby ring given to me by a writing mentor, Nancy Lamb, who wrote The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children. It was her mother's ring, so you can imagine how touched I was when she gave it to me and told me to wear it whenever I sit down to write.

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