The New Ballou! book reading for me this week because (as some of you may already know) - I became a daddy!

My wife's water broke at 1:10am on 4/17/12 - a full month ahead of schedule.  Contractions started a few minutes after. We headed to the hospital and I managed to keep the car inside all the important lines. By the time she got her gown, the doc was surprised to find she was fully dilated and head was descending already. Suddenly, they rushed her into the room and had her pushing the second we were through the door. 

At 3:05am, a healthy baby boy came out, named Evan James Ballou.
19"6lbs. 10oz
Ten fingers, ten toes, and a healthy everything else - even so young (think about if he'd been the full term - a 9 to 10 pounder - yikes!)

Just because I've got a captive are some pics. 

Yes, my wife is always this photogenic. Makes me sick too.

And, seriously, if there's any doubt he's my kiddo - this should squash it.


Congrats, Bret. He's so cute. Just how early was he? My second was 4 weeks early and weighed a pound less than that. Which felt like giving birth to a small elephant after giving birth to a 2 lb 3 oz preemie. When my 6 lb 8 oz baby was born, it was like giving birth to a dinosaur. I don't know how moms survive the 8 lb + babies. Ouch!!!!!

Nothing like a fresh new baby. Beautiful... Congrats!

Beautiful, healthy baby - Congratulations.

I'll say it again. Congratulations to all three of you! And thanks for posting the gorgeous photos.

Wow, that was a dramatic entry in to the world, young Evan! Wonder if you'll be as impatient to get to every cool thing the world has to offer you. If so, you're going to keep your parents hopping! Congratulations to all of you. So very exciting, but kind of shocking when things happen way sooner and faster than expected. Happened to me with my first, a daughter, and I couldn't stop shaking afterwards. Keep mum warm and cuddled, too. She deserves it. Hugs to all!

Hooray for bouncing baby boys! Your post brings back the most wonderful memories. You've got so many amazing adventures in front of you! Couldn't be happier for you and your family!

Beautiful baby! Beautiful family! Well done, Ballou's! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Such a beautiful little guy. Keep the camera/vidcam at hand---the first 3months go by so fast. Welcome to parenthood!

Congratulations, Bret! He's gorgeous!

Congratulations, Bret! I was an impatient baby, too, with all that jaundice jazz, and I turned out great! Right? I'm really great, right?

Evan has an awesome life ahead of him. Let's talk betrothals ...

Thanks so much for the well wishes, everyone. We're having such a great time with the lil' guy so far!

And, Beth, CONGRATS to you too!!

Thanks so much for the well wishes, everyone. We're having such a great time with the lil' guy so far!

And, Beth, CONGRATS to you too!!

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