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This is the second installment of Oliver’s dystopian trilogy, following last year’s DELIRIUM, taking place in a world where love has been labeled a disease.

The story follows Lena after she’s escaped into the wilds, and is told in alternating timeframes, Then and Now.

While I enjoyed Delirium very much, PANDEMONIUM was a faster, more thrilling read for me. Lena comes into her own, finding conviction and strength as she deals with Alex’s death, and she becomes a rebel with a cause. Her character growth in this novel is wonderful to watch.

Oliver is a gorgeous writer, and her prose is finer than ever here. Finally, be forewarned: the ending delivers a cliffhanger that is as steep and shocking as they come.

I had the honor of being on a panel with Lauren this past weekend in New York City. It was incredible to hear her read from this book.

If you liked DELIRIUM, you’ll love this sequel. Highly recommended.


I've GOT to read the first one! I've heard so many great things about both of these.

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