Happy Book Birth Week for GILT!

Donna Cooner 4 Monday, May 14, 2012
On Tuesday, our second YAMuse book, GILT, hits the shelves and I hope all of you get your hands on a copy. We're so proud of Katherine Longshore and we'd love to see pictures of it in your hot little hands out in the wild. So tweet, post, email -- anyway you can get them to us and we'll share!

I play this game from time to time. I see a group of teenage girls walking along the sidewalk or in the mall and I ask myself (or my companion),

"Who is the princess?"

 Within seconds, it's usually apparent. There is one girl that walks just a little to the front. One who everyone else looks to when they speak. One who is a little flashier. Maybe a little prettier. And instantly, I'm transported back to the teenage girl social world where I sometimes fell into the shadow of the "princess." We can all relate. That's why I love GILT so much. The themes are contemporary and the characters so relate-able. Yes, it's set in the court of Henry VIII, but that adds the richness of place and raises the stakes of these familiar social dynamics into a world with immediate life and death consequences.  GILT is a Tudor Gossip Girls, complete with the clothes and the scandal.

If you love historical fiction, you will be completely mesmerized by the detail and accuracy.  If you don't think historical fiction is your thing, give GILT a try anyway. I guarantee you won't be able to put it down!


So true, and sad, about the princess thing.

GILT sounds so good! Congrats to Katherine on release week!

Very exciting!!! Can't wait for my copy to arrive.

Thank you, Donna, for your kind words and support. And thank you, Jennifer and PB!

Release week is such a fantastic time. Three Cheers Katherine and wishing you the best with GILT. It is a historical novel, but some things are just...timeless.

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