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Sorry for the delay on today's posting. Katherine has been running around like a madwoman with the STAGES ON PAGES Tour, Book 2 edits, Book 3 outlines, and end of the school year festivities. She asked me to post a picture from the front lines of the tour...

Katherine with Elise Allen, Stasia Kehoe, & Gretchen McNeil
Photo provided by The San Mateo County Library
Also, because I've got you hostage, I'm gonna share a pic of my little guy, a.k.a. The New Ballou (TNB).

Gotta start 'em young


Ooh, "Snuggle Puppy!" One of my favorite books. I even made up a tune to sing the song to.

Maybe someone can tell us a little about what the Stages on Pages Tour is? Katherine's mentioned it before, but I always neglect to ask what it entails.

Hi Beth,
Here's a link to the website.

I'm sure Katherine can tell you more specifics, but the site is probably a good place to start.

Also curious on stages on pages!

OMG, that is the cutest picture ever!
He's so adorable. Almost, almost makes me want another one. They are so great that tiny.

Hope Katherine is faring well!


You guys have the worst captcha ever!

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