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We are so lucky to have instant access to encouragement, humor, insight, and coaching through our blogging community.  This week the Muses are linking to some of our favorite blog posts.  Enjoy!

Every turn in my current writing journey has revealed a new, and exciting, challenge. The most recent has been dealing with reviews.  I never anticipated the joy and angst of reading early reviews--especially while trying to keep my head in the next book.  That's why Beth Revis' blog post on "How to Deal with Negative Reviews" came at just the right time.  (Beth is, of course, the NY Times bestselling author of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE series)  Here's my favorite part,

"There are what? 7 billion people in the world now? Statistically speaking, there has to be at least one person in the world who hates puppies, Harry Potter, chocolate, AND bacon. *shudders*  

My point? If there are people in the world who hate puppies, Harry Potter, chocolate, and/or bacon, then there are people in the world who hate your book. Put in that perspective, things aren't so bad, huh?"

Check out the whole post.  Very wise.  (And feel free to share some links in the comments to some of your favorite blog posts)


First, I had no idea there were that many people in the world! But on to the point, Beth has a way of making things so to the point! I have some friends I'm definitely going to share this with.

Though it's hard to believe I actually KNOW people that don't like Harry Potter. I even call them friends despite their obvious lack of literary taste. What can you do?
Just go on. And don't give them HP books for holidays or birthdays. You cannot force them to like HP.
Same goes for your book, Donna. Concentrate on the good.
Think happy thoughts!


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