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Katherine Longshore 2 Tuesday, July 31, 2012
This week we're talking about blogs/bloggers/writers/websites we follow and I'm delighted to have a chance to talk about the Class of 2k12.  Now, full disclosure, I am a member of the Class, but this is not the reason I'm suggesting you read the blog or check out the website.

I'm suggesting you find out more about them because they are AWESOME.

There are twenty people in the class, all debut authors who write middle grade and young adult fiction.  We write historical novels, paranormal romance, horror, contemporary, Steampunk, humor.  We have two authors who write in verse.  We banded together as a marketing collective - we work together to schedule events, we shout about blog tours, we read and recommend each others books.  But it became much more than that, and I now consider these people my friends.  And there are some books in this bunch - oh, wow.  Definitely check them out.  Pick and choose.  Try something new.

However, it's not just the books that are amazing.  And not just the authors.  The blog is updated twice weekly - Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We all take turns.  And some amazing stuff comes out.  Stuff about the publishing business, about the fear of standing in front of a crowd and reading your own work, about writing and being and life.

Things like A.C. Gaughen's post titled Write Like a Girl - on the responsibility of YA authors to their audience.  Or J. Anderson Coats's answer to the question What Do You Do?  Or Danny Marks on getting the writing "bruise" in Punch Drunk Writing.  Or Library Love by Gina Rosati.  There's a lot of good stuff here.  Take the time to browse.  You never know what might inspire you.


Hello Muses!

Sorry I've been so absent. Life got in the way! Katherine, I visited the website and wow! I found books I've not heard of yet and then I went to the Debutante's Ball, it's kind of like a click on one link and there are three or four more that you want to read. This is why I am severely lacking in sleep-the internet and all the fascinating websites for authors!

Thanks for sharing with us!
Wish me luck, I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo in August!
(so I may be absent again)


GOOD LUCK, HEATHER! We'll definitely be cheering for you - and looking forward to hearing from you on the other side of Camp NaNo!

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