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First, I want to echo Talia's contribution to this week's blog theme of favorite YA Blogs. Alexandra Sokoloff's blog--and her ebooks on writing--are wonderful. I've been following for years, and I still learn something about the writing craft every time I head over there. You've got another fan here, Alexandra!

Another go-to blog for me is YA Highway. Guys, it just doesn't get any better than this. Book reviews, industry news, weekly digests, and amazing, amazing posts like this make this blog a must for writers at any level.

Check them out!


Well, I know you've mentioned YA Highway before, but I never visited the site, probably because it said YA and not MG, which has never stopped me before, obviously, but I AM SO GLAD I clicked on the link this time. You are absolutely right--important info for writers of any genre can be found here. It was hard to come up for air. Thanks, Veronica! What a great Muses week this is for little old MG revisers like me.

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